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Drunk - Ed Sheeran (live) 

The Well-Groomed Otter Is Extremely Buoyant - R. Erica Doyle

In this kind of sea, floating really matters.
The well-groomed otter is a tail above the others.
Her particular sheen, the curve of her brown,
the arch of her back, the clams that she cracks –
to be groomed is the key to survive in this sea.
She smooths each natty lump down, shines clean
as a glass, runs each hair and black toe
like a woman in the morning
takes hot iron, tweezes chin, tugs on the underwire
slips on the heels, to arch the calf, raise the rump higher;
with a sponge, blend the moonside of cheek,
line the eyes in black, sheen the lid in green
tailored brow. Shirt smooth? Pants creased?
Panty lines gone? Cellulite? (Use a thong?)
Oiled smooth and sea-compliant
the well-groomed otter is extremely buoyant.


Milwaukee - The Both

Little Girl Blue - Janis Joplin 
Live on Tom Jones’ show 1969

Feelin’ Alright - Traffic

Today is a bright new day - Tom Brosseau 

Tuesday’s Dead - Cat Stevens (live 1976)

The Things That I Used To Do - Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter (In Studio 1968)

William Carlos Williams reads “To Elsie”

Across the Universe - Fiona Apple (Beatle’s cover)
Video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Pennyroyal Tea - Nirvana (MTV Unplugged)

Billie Jean - The Civil Wars (Michael Jackson cover)

Listening - David Ignatow

You wept in your mother’s arms 
and I knew that from then on 
I was to forget myself. 

Listening to your sobs, 
I was resolved against my will 
to do well by us 
and so I said, without thinking, 
in great panic, To do wrong 
in one’s own judgment, 
though others thrive by it, 
is the right road to blessedness. 
Not to submit to error 
is in itself wrong 
and pride. 

Standing beside you, 
I took an oath 
to make your life simpler 
by complicating mine 
and what I always thought 
would happen did: 
I was lifted up in joy. 

Opps I did it again - Richard Thompson (Britney Spears cover)
Yes you read that correctly.

The Pretzels

—Another Man

AJ Morelli and Jay Klein